Umbrella Tax Calculator

March 18, 2014

Now a contractor will know how much they take home after tax accurately and easily! There is a free umbrella tax calculator at iknowtax.com It allows the contractor to enter their daily rate and see a detailed breakdown of the calculation when being paid through an umbrella company. It allows the user to enter pay […]

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Tax calculator and rates for 2013 – 2014

July 6, 2012

Tax and National Insurance online calculator for next tax year 2013 – 2014 is available to see at http://iknowtax.com/2013 It contains the rates realeased at the Budget 2012. High earners will be saving money next year as the tax rate for the rich has been slashed by 5% (to 45%). But anyone earning £41450 or more is […]

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How to master reboot Acer Aspire computer?

February 15, 2012

How to master reset windows vista Acer Aspire computer? If you want to reset Acer Aspire computer to factory settings to start from scratch (that came with windows vista pre-installed, without the discs), you will need to hold ALT and press F10 repeatedly during the start up when the Acer logo is displayed. Once successful in […]

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London Riot: Leyton Loot Attempt

August 10, 2011
London Riot: Leyton Loot Attempt

The riot has gone out of control. The police will need to start thinking hard to stop the riots. Below are the pictures of Currys at Leyton Mills Waltham Forest after the rioters attacked on 8th August.  I believe the rioters failed to loot anything from Leyton Currys as they have smashed the window to […]

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A Tip for getting a cheaper car insurance

May 21, 2011

When you are getting a car insurance or renewing your car insurance don’t go with what you see. If you are checking the car insurance on the price comparison site don’t click on the best deal and go with it. There are some car insurance companies that are not on the price comparison website, like […]

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